Data Solutions for Merchants

We build solutions that help simplify and demystify payments for every size company

Why Payment Data Services?

Our technology is driven by the merchants’​ need to gain better financial transparency and freedom.

We unlock data, giving merchants the ability to turn data analytics into accessible insights, and then into automated advice or tailored service.

Powerful alone, mighty together

Solutions to help any size company grow


Payments Quickscan

The one-time Payments Quickscan helps companies to boost revenue and reduce payment-related-costs with clear insights into your payments and identifying improvement areas

Payments Data Platform

Our Payments Data Services Platform lays the foundation for our services. The platform brings all your data together in one dashboard for an in-depth analysis into your payments

Payments Manager as-a-Service

Do you want payments expertise in-house? Work with our experienced payment managers and our analytics platform to optimize your payment operations

Payments Reporting API

Utilize our Payments Reporting API for sophisticated reporting of consolidated and harmonized payment data


Payments Reconciliation

Make use of our Payments Reconciliation tool to automate the matching of your order data with your payment provider transaction data


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Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn't be. Tenner is a data services platform to collect, monitor, analyse and reconcile your payments.

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