Unified data, insights and reports

Manage, optimize and reconcile your payments in a single, consolidated dashboard view

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Why Tenner?


Tenner is fully integrated with your existing payment systems to offer your business a streamlined, scalable and highly secure solution.


With a single connection into a wide range of payment partners, Tenner ensures higher conversion and an improved customer experience.


Tenner reduces the operational costs involved in multi-channel payment transactions and provides automated financial reporting.

Increase revenue. Reduce costs.

We transform the raw data we collect into visual and actionable insights


Increase Revenue

Clear insights to boost revenue by up to 6% by identifying high friction checkout and not paid out or lost revenue opportunities

Reduce Costs

Reduce payment related costs by up to 43% by analysing payment fees, being alerted to potential errors and reducing manual work

Streamline Operations

Streamline and optimize your payment operations with our payment data platform. No more downloading csv files or exporting big data files. Say NO to excel

From Raw Data to Meaningful Insights

We help you get more from your data


We securely connect to your payment platforms and alternative payment providers to capture all data and automate the data collection process


We reconcile and make sense of the complex datasets from different platform providers and translate the data into one cohesive and common language


After processing and normalising the data, we generate visual insights and actionable reports for you to make informed business-critical decisions with

All your payment data in one place

Managing your data in separate data silos is time-consuming, loses its value and prone-to-error.

With Tenner, one integration connects you to all your local and global payment providers. We provide easy and secure access to your payment data to break the numbers down into actionable insights.

Turn your data into valuable insights

Engage our payment managers and deep dive into your payment data to discover hidden opportunities.

Check your performance against KPI’s. Understand the cost vs success rate of payment methods across countries.

Monitor the impact of 3D Secure on your conversion. Understand acquirer declines and chargebacks.

"Tenner has allowed us to do so much more with our payments. We are now more efficient and achieve better results."


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Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn't be. Tenner is a data services platform to collect, monitor, analyse and reconcile your payments.

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