Simplify Reconciliation

We automate the matching and reconciliation of transactions across multiple payment providers, bank accounts and platforms

Reconciliation, automated.

With millions of transactions each day, multiple sales channels, different acquiring banks and complex accounting systems, the reconciliation process can be a costly nightmare.

Our reconciliation module helps you to monitor the sales and payment flow, ensuring that all your funds are correctly accounted for.

Automating your reconciliation process allows your team to focus on managing exceptions rather than manually downloading and matching transactions.

Tenner tells you where things don’t match up, if there are missing transactions, and when funds are transferred to your bank account, giving you a one stop source for your reconciliation needs.

We automate matching of transactions and then identify mismatches, fee and reconciliation errors across multiple payments providers, banks accounts and platforms.

Want to simplify Reconciliation?

Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn't be. Tenner is a data services platform to collect, monitor, analyse and reconcile your payments.

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