Payments Manager


For businesses that want in-house payments expertise, Tenner offers the Payments Manager as-a-Service

Payments Manager as-a-Service

Are you struggling to manage your company’s payments?

Tenner’s Payments Manager as-a-Service helps you manage all your payments and respective providers, recommend strategies for optimisation and then implement those strategies.

Focus on your business operations and we’ll manage all aspects of your payment operations.

Tenner’s payment managers stay up-to-date with payment industry regulations, product initiatives and market developments to ensure we deliver the most up to date expertise.

The payment managers use our dashboard to gain insights into revenue drivers, cost metrics, and payment performance across multiple platforms to build a future proof payments strategy.

A future-proof payments strategy with your very own Payments Manager 

It’s like having an in-house payments consultant working with you to optimize your payments, but at a fraction of the cost.

Conversion & Auth Rates

Monitor daily conversion and auth rates and alert to issues

Insightful Reporting

Engage our payment managers for detailed reporting and insights for upper management

Optimize Payment Methods

Gain insights into cost vs conversion per payment methods and limit lost sales

Reduce Costs

Reduce payment-related-fees with clear insights into all cost parameters

Eliminate Errors

Uncover costly fee errors and missed payouts that were never settled


Streamline and automate your reconciliation process with Tenner to save time and money on manual labor

"Tenner enables my team to keep a pulse on the business and quickly access our key metrics."


Interested in a payments manager?

Payments are complicated, but reporting on them shouldn't be. Tenner is a data services platform to collect, monitor, analyse and reconcile your payments.

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