Marc and I started Opus Capital in 2017. We had both just left our former employers, Marc as CCO at EMS (a First Data and ABN AMRO company) and Kellogg as Head of International at Singapore-based 2C2P and before that Braintree Payments (acquired by PayPal in 2013) and we were looking for a fresh start. In late 2017, Arco joined us on our journey and the rest is history as they say (well not quite, but hopefully someday).

With more than 25+ combined years in the payments industry, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges merchants face when it comes to payments. Not only are payments as a whole difficult to understand, but there are also so many different variables to consider that are relevant only to the payments industry: rules and regulations, terminology, payment providers, integrations, data formats, alternatives, pricing and more.  With the proliferation of tech modernising other industries, payments has and remains antiquated in many ways, and payment systems have never been optimised for reporting purposes.

Yet, payment providers have a treasure trove of data at their fingertips that is not readily available or shared with merchants. Data that “by using it to generate insights into consumer purchasing behavior, and coupling these insights with an understanding of emerging macro trends, payments firms can provide better service to customers—from fraud detection to spending insights” ~ McKinsey & Company

Over the course of the last year with our payments advisory Opus Capital, we’ve worked with many leading online and point of sale businesses to help streamline their payments strategy and operations. One common theme that many merchants communicate to us is: how can I get a global view of all my online and point of sale transactions / payment data so that we can make informed, business critical decisions utilising that data.

Having worked for international payment companies, we know how difficult it is for merchants to access their data. Some of the new payment providers do this better with robust API’s but limit it only to their platform, others haven’t updated their platforms in years and don’t offer an easy way for merchants to access their own data. Having access to the data is one thing, knowing what the data means and making business critical decisions as a result of that data is equally important, something that unfortunately is not available to merchants in the market today.

Introducing Tenner. Tenner is the result of the payments knowledge and experience we’ve built up over the years and feedback from our merchants who we’ve worked closely with this past year.

Tenner is an omni-channel payment analytics and data management platform. We provide easy and secure access to your processor, gateway and order management data to break the numbers down for you.

With all your payment data in one place, our dashboard provides:

  • actionable insights and reports
  • key metrics including Benchmarking, Customer behaviour, Trends and Reconciliation
  • gain insight, set alerts and optimise performance into revenue, customer trends, fraud and other key metrics
  • we’ve designed the platform to be completely interactive and filterable, there’s no limit to its capabilities

By making payments easier-to-understand and more transparent, we hope to empower merchants to make more informed business critical decisions to accelerate their growth, save time and money with a more streamlined payments operations.

We’re proud of what we’ve built as a team and look forward to continuing the path in reshaping how merchants utilise their payments data.

We are HQ’ed in Amsterdam and available for both in-person meetings or via web conference, so feel free to email us at to schedule a demo or call us on +31 (0)85 13 02 977.